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Out of Order
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
robert_frogg wrote in sober_mob
OK, I've just remembered about this when I was just in the shower and even though the people involved were (probably) sober, I have to mock them anyway!

While I was working as a cleaner in a local shopping centre I came across a lot of things that amused me, pissed me off, and completely baffled me! However, in the last month or so of working there, three things happened on almost consecutive days. I can't remember the order in which they happened and so I'll just put them in order of annoyance.

One of the toilets wasn't working properly for some reason and the seat kept coming off, and so we stuck up a sign on the door of the toilet saying "Out Of Order", however this sign was ripped down and/ or ignored by the public and so my idea was to stick it on the actual seat of the toilet, leaving the seat down so it could be clearly seen by anyone coming in.

Each morning we would clean the toilets, leaving the broken one until it was fixed (well, we'd make sure it was clean but there would be no toilet paper) and things semed to be ok, but then, one day while I was doing another mass of overtime, I went into the toilets just to check whether they all still had paper and I found that the out of order toilet was being used, even though the sign was still attached and someone actually complained that there was no paper. "Yes I know, that's because it's out of order."

We have little kiddy rides in the shopping centre and one of them was a little car type thing only it stopped working and so Sharon put a large "Out Of Order" sign on the seat and went away. Some time later she came up to find a man with his kid on the ride and he complained to her that it wasn't working properly. She asked about the sign and he replied "I thought you put it there because you didn't want people on it." ... 0_o!

This one, however, really got me!
I was doing overtime (again) and the mini carousel started sticking, eating people's money, playing music, but not going anywhere. Even though the manager appeared to fix it, we decided that it was best to put an "Out of Order" sign on it just in case it started doing it again and we'd get some professionals to fix it sometime next week. So I'm given this little yellow sign to put on the ride, which I attached so that it was covering the money slot, and then I unplugged it. I went away to do other duties, knowing that i had done my job.

I came back about half an hour later to hear the sound of the carousel and two kids on it with their parents watching, as I started to come over to ask what the HELL they were doing a woman with the kids came up to me and said (I still can't believe this bit!) "I saw you unplug the ride earlier and so I plugged it back in. I was just wondering why." x_x <- I died!

I explained that the ride kept sticking and that it was unplugged and had a sign on so that people didn't use it. I seriously wanted to shake her and go "I UNPLUGGED THE THING BECAUSE IT WAS BROKE! WHY ELSE WOULD I DO IT?!". Why, why why would any member of the public actually plug back in a ride like that! If anything had happened (her getting badly electrocuted hah!) it would have been all her own fault and any court would have seen that we do the proper steps!

Bloody public!

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Not once, not twice, but three times? o_0 People really are stupid.

I really don't get it! How and why do people do these things?! If I saw an 'out of order' sign, I'd leave it alone and if I saw someone unplug a ride then I would assume there was a reason!

Me too. Guess we were... better educated or something?

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