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The first of a few?
robert_frogg wrote in sober_mob
Ok, today is the start of the new thing for this community! OUr proveb competition.

The person who can come up with the best meaning for the following proverb (which will be up for one week!) will be the winner and may recieve a very special prize (an icon)

The Languid Goat is Always Thin

Just to start you off with a nice easy one to think about. Enjoy yourselves and try to get other people involved ^_^

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Er... if you don't struggle to achieve anything in life, you'll never amount to much.

Or alternatively, if you keep a low profile, no one will try and eat you.

Being lazy does no one any good at at all. In this case, the goat is too lazy to regularly eat and therefore, gets thin. (sounds a bit like someone not sitting a million miles away from me now!)

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