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Not Giving Up!
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
robert_frogg wrote in sober_mob
Ok, despite my long hiatus, I have not given up on this new game! Oh no, far from it! The reson I haven't been oon here is because I have been lazy, I've not really been able to get on again, and because I kept forgetting my proverb book each time I came up and then couldn't be bothered going back down to get it (which kind of reiterates the 'lazy' comment!)

Anyway, I brought in a judge to decide the winner for last time when the proverb was 'Beware Of Men Without Beards And Women With Beards', and it was decided that lycoris with her suggestion of 'Transvestitism is easy to fake' due to the fact that the judge believed that this was very true and therefore should win!

Anyway, this week we shall pick from the book... *flicks*
'He On Whose Head We Would Break A Coconut Never Stands Still'

And I shall announce the winner at some point next week (or whenever I next get on, whichever is later!)

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Life's a bitch and then you die in the knowledge that everyone you hate lived longer than you did!

People whom everyone hates learn to run fast.

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