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been a while
Kazuki yay
robert_frogg wrote in sober_mob
OK, so it's been a while since anything was posted here, but this is mainly because it's been a while since we went out properly.

The last time was for the 'Barbie and Action Man' night on Vikki's birthday, which was fun and I don't think anyone was particularly drunk on the way home so it was nice and easy and then we had cake (not the brightly coloured cake, this was regular cake!)

hmm... did I already put up the pictures or not? *checks* No I didn't. Right, that's going to be one of the things I'll have to do; put up the pictures from Vikki's birthday.

But other than that, there has been no drinking, though me and Vikki felt drunk last MOnday and were dancing around a round-a-bout!


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