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Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
robert_frogg wrote in sober_mob
Ok, so only two of you people actually joined in *sigh* but, I have decided that we're going to play this game, and so we shall!

Last week's proveb was 'The Languid Goat Is Always Thin' and the winner is versipellis whose suggestion made me laugh so hard I choaked! 'if you keep a low profile, no one will try and eat you' is definitely the best one for that proverb! Well done! (I would make you a certificate, but it would probably look pretty silly really, so i won't!)

Though, as a point, it will not always be the funniest one that is chosen as the winner, but because there were only two entries, that's the one that made the grade! (The moral of this story? MORE PEOPLE SHOULD PLAY!!)

This week's proverb will be... *looks through book*
Beware Of Men Without Beards And Women With Beards

In (about) one week's time I will announce the new winner and people shall rejoice happily.

I suggest you bully other people into playing because then it'll be more fun *nod nod*

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Transvestitism is easy to fake.

Glad I made you laugh ^^

Erm... if people deviate from the norm, they're probably psychopaths.

*cough* (I don't actually believe this, just so you know. I mean, I may appear perfectly normal, but...)

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