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Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
robert_frogg wrote in sober_mob
Right, it's been a while since I've actually put something up here, but that's because I'm a lazy bastard who has found better things that Livejournal (namely webcomics and writing fics and stories! *shrugs*)

I have been planning another Sober_Mob pub quizz, only this time I'm going to be advertising it to people outside of the Livejournal community, meaning that I will be telling REAL people about it and letting them join in. This is because I was a little dispoainted with how few people joined in last time and because it just wasn't as much fun working out who had won.

This is going to be a proper quizz with a variety of questions that will cover a range of topics, including some that are just going to be random! I'm going to be getting these questions form different places, including books, music, intelligent things like history and science, and also jokes, puzzles and logical things (though I don't think I'll be able to do a sudoku quizz, sadly!). 

Oh, and there will be prizes! 
First prize- anything of your choice costing upto £10
Second prize- anything of your choice costing up to £5
Third prize- anything of your choice costing up to £1
(and I'm thinking of having a silly prize for the person who gave the most amusing/ clever answer (however wrong it might have been)

I want lots of people to take part this time, which is why I'm letting you know early, because then you can tell people and they can get ready to get involved, and it'll mean that I'll get my finger out and finish writing the questions!

Anyway, enjoy the summer, I'll let you know when the quizz is ready!


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