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going out
Went out with 'kinda cousin' Alex, younger brother and his mates a few nights ago and it was fucking GREAT! (except for trying to get home) and I was slightly amused because now I have two of Pete's mates fancying me, one of Pete's mates realising that actually I'm kind of cool, Alex realising that I'm fun to go out with, and Pete realising that I'm not as boring as he thought!

In the first club we went into there were these guys who kept watching me while I was dancing and I was mostly ignoring them, but they kept trying to get close, and at one point I elbowed one of them in the back because he was trying to rub up against me.

Robert's Rule 1- If I want to dance with you I will let you know.
Robert's Rule 2- I don't dance with other people in clubs
Robert's Rule 3- I use my elbows and nuckles to keep people away from me and you're lucky I wasn't wearing my capped boots! ^_^

Then we went to the Krazy house and me, Stee, Bitchard and Tom were having great fun (don't know about Pete) but Alex insisted we go somewhere else even though we'd paid £4 to get in! Grrr! Bitchard spent most of the rest of the night complaining about that! Heh.

Anyway, it was great fun, I didn't drink anything all night (including non-alcoholic drinks!) and at one point Bitchard thought it would be funny to try streaking in the freezing streets of Liverpool, and I reminded him of just how small he would be if he did that!

Why I enjoy looking after drunks!
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
Went out last night with some of my friends from York and with my dear friend Adam from Roby. We had a lot of fun, went to the union, then a bar, then another bar, tried to get into a club, but sadly the boys were all wearing trainers and so we couldn't get in.

We then went to a student based bar and later (when they closed the bar at 11. Pft!) we headed over to a club called 'flares' which played cheesy 70s and 80s music. Yay!

Sadly this meant that most of the group were very, very pissed. the group consisted of Vikki (who I ended up carrying home on the malibu night), Fiona and Chris (who are having a relationship but don't want to tell anyone yet for some completely stupid and unknown reason!), Dane (who got especially pissed and tried to roll over a hedge and almost fell down a 20 foot drop) a person I can't remember the name of right now (who was mostly sober but had already been sick at the beginning of the night!), Kate (a girl in a wheelchair who announced that she was a horse!), Adam, who stayed sober... kind of, and me of course. And I was sober, and tea-total. Pah.

Anyway, it meant that I was as usual helping people home, which got especially interesting with the idiots going into the road, running off on their own and almost killing thmselves.

I think years of going out drinking in Liverpool has meant that the people that I would normally be out with have a better alcohol tollerance andcan last a whole night frinking and still managed to get home in one piece and remember to phone people in the morning to say that they're alright.

Sometimes I remember why I'm scared of drunk people.

Anyway, it was a good night... except the walk home. Talk to you all soon, please forgive any typing which has gone a bit wrpong. My thumbis very numb at the moment and the spacebarkeeps not working due to somethingbeing stuck under it!

Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
I went to the Malibu night a few days ago. They were raising money for breast cancer and we got vouchers for a few malibu, and two vouchers for half-price malibu. I of course gave mine away.

At the end of the night I had the fun of helping Vikki home as she couldn't quite stand up. Sadly I kept making her almost fall over again because I kept making her laugh. I was pretending to cry because "NOBODY LOVES ME!"
Vikki: "I love you"
Me: "Oh good. Now I just have to find someone who'll fuck me."

For some reason Vikki found this very, very funny and every time I mentioned it on the way home, she almost fell over again. *Laughs* it reminds me of the time when I had to help Tracey from St Helens College to the bus station. That was interesting.

I like drunk people like that!

Haruhi Suzumiya | The usual smile
My flatmates keep coming home at like between 2am and 4am all drunk and waking me up >< I don't think they realises how much it pisses me off, but... it does :D

And they always seem to bring random mens back with them, too... 4am and it's like, why are there random mens in our kitchen XO... then they're all on the next day about how hilarious it was when one of them did something stupid while drunk etc and it's like... that's not funny, that's just moronic...

But they keep at it almost every night O______o

A riddle for you
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
Since the great Sober_mob quiz, there hasn't been much for me to do in terms of coming up with ideas for this community, and so I came up with this instead.

No prizes, but just something a little fun and different. This is a riddle my uncle told us once and I want to know if any of you can work it out.

Poll #591679 Riddle

What is greater the God, more evil than the Devil? The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you will die.

Nice and easy for you, just enjoy and I will post the answer in a couple of weeks

drunk v's sober
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
Stupid subject line really, because for me it's always the second one due to the fact that I can't stand alcohol enough to drink enough to get me drunk!

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that as much as I like being sober, sometimes I really hate being sober and PISSED OFF!

Strange things afoot... or maybe a hand... wonder which one!
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
At some time in the not too distant past, I think my computer got very, very drunk. That or just really HIGH!

See, I was listening to my music on the laptop when my brother came in, probably to complain about how crap my music is, which is funny considering I had just reached some of the ones he gave me. He looked over my shoulder at the playlist, and after a moment of silence asked me why 'Ass Like That' by Eminem was, according to the laptop, in the worship genre!

I still have no idea why it did that as all the rest of the Eminem songs were all rap, but that one was said to be worship! *laughs* I can't help but find this mildly amusing!

sex stuff
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
I thought I would post this here because I seriously think that the people who do this are pissed! The last time I got one of these I got fed up and told the person that I was gay, but basically this conversation is the same all the time and with very bad spellings. If I can find the original, I put put that up as well, but for now, here is the latest 'conversation' between myself (does_this_thing_never_end) and an automated conversation tart!

cut for rude stuff!Collapse )

What makes this all the more amusing for me is that I know something she/he/it doesn't know and that is that I have absolutely NO interest in this sort of thing and I've only ever 'cybered' with one person, and even that wasn't like this!

Overheard at rehearsal
Posing Gum and Mew
Girl: No, I don't really go to [uni clubbing event on Wednesdays]. I prefer [the one on Fridays].
Boy: I guess they are kind of different. I mean you go to [Fridays] to dance and stuff, I suppose... you go to [Wednesdays] to get drunk - no - you get drunk first, and go to [Wednesdays] to BE drunk!

Seriously, is university so shit that we need a weekly event in which people can obliterate their brains?

The Quiz!
Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing
Right, today is the day that the results of the quiz appear... Now, just to remind you, there were various questions of various categories, 4 bonus questions worth five points each, and 1 extra bonus question worth ten points.

I also have a confession to make as it seemed to have confused a few people- the question about Y chromesones actually didn't have the right answer on it. I know when I wrote it I put it on, but LJ decided to eat the answer, this means that, sadly, everyone got this question wrong, but (out of the goodness of my own heart), I'm going to give you all a point simply for answering it!

Ok, so the points are (from the bottom working up)
bluesunshine_dk 19
steel_nexus 20
miniho 28
froggys_friend 29
versipellis 32
lycoris 42
robert_frogg 44 (no, I'm not actually counting myself in this quiz!

I have to admit here that it actually did come down to marking of the bonus questions as, if we were just marking one point for each question the winners would be lycoris and versipellis with 20, then miniho, then steel_nexus, and lastly bluesunshine_dk and froggys_friend both with 13.

personally I think you've all done very well, but this means that lycoris has won the quiz and so she can choose a prize at some point (something not too expensive please!), and I think versipellis and froggys_friend should be allowed to claim a prize for second and third place (anyone disagree with me?)

I will post the actual answers to the quiz once I can be bothered, and that won't be today! umm... steel_nexus, tell Spam that he came third place in the quiz.


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