Non-Drinkers of the World UNITE

We're here! We're near! We don't want anymore beer!

Non Drinkers Of The World Unite
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Welcome to the most sober community around. We are the Non-Drinkers of the world! (well, of LJ... the ones who could be bothered joining anyway!) Please feel free to join us in discusion and have any drink you want, but it may be a little hard to find any alcohol.

How long have us non-drinkers been put down by the alcoholics of the world? We are ignored and while they can enjoy 2-4-1 nights and BOGOFF deals, we have to put up with the overpriced lemonade because that's how the bars make their profits! Off Us!

So, we will put up with it no longer, and we will become the Sober Mob! We will laugh at that drunken mob which falls over its own feet, has hangovers, can't remember what it did last night, and wakes up next to the most ugly girl in the pub!

You can join if you don't drink at all, very rarely or on specail occasions. If you are a regular drinker, and especially if you regularly get drunk, then this probably isn't the place for you, but I'm sure no one will mind if you express your oppinions.

If your reasons for not drinking are you don't want to, you don't like it, you're too young, your doctor told you not to, you decided to give up, you can't actually afford it, you're in the AA, your religion forbids it, or any other reason you can come up with, then you are welcome to join us!

OK, as we are supposed to be a non-drinking community, then obviously there are going to be certain topics that we will have to talk about, though if you think of/ find something that you think we will find interesting, don't be affraid to post it here.
1. Stories about drunken people
2. Stories about drunken you, but pretending that it was actually someone else! *grin*
3. Rants about the drinking laws
4. Arguments for and/or against 24 hour drinking
5. Suggestions on how to make this world a little more sober
6. Suggestions on how to errase alcohol from the history books
7. Ideas on how we can be a real Sober mob
8. Names of people we can go mob (RL ['real' life] or OL [online] people, we don't mind!)

A few simple rules just to make sure everyone behaves themselves
1. No drinking while posting- kind of defeats the whole object!
2. No flaming people for their personal beliefs, drink of choice, race, oppinions or friends. If you want to argue then take it outside please!
3. Please be at least a little curtious. This is an open community which means that there may be younger people here as well. We don't want to get a bad name for the sober people.
4. While posts can be off topic occasionally, can there at least be something on topic mentioned? There is plenty to talk about in the crazy world of ours, and I should know- I work in a bar! Think about it- 24 hour drinking, alcoholics, underaged drinking, etc! There's got to be something you can talk about!
5. Most importantly- just enjoy yourself! I will try to post a few things up here to keep things interesting, but this community is just for fun and discussion.
It's like our own completely alcohol-free bar! 0_0!

(By the way, anyone who wants t-shirts/ badges/ banners made with a non-drinking slogan... or anyone who knows where to get them done cheep, should let me know!)

The Creation Of The Sober Mob
The sober_mob idea appeared on the 25th of Febuary this year when I made a post mentioning one of my friends going to the pub all the time and ended with the words "NON DRINKERS OF THE WORLD; UNITE!!!" Other people replied to this and slowly the idea came about
The conversations had over comments are here and here.
So after this I decided that we did indeed deserve a community and so I made one, created our stunning icon, and I even made a badge for myself! Go me!